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Stephen Cain - Assistant Professor
AWeSOME Research Lab


The Advancing Wearable Systems for Out-of-the-lab Measurement and Evaluation (AWeSOME) Research Laboratory at West Virginia University applies principles from inertial navigation, engineering dynamics, biomechanics, and kinesiology to develop algorithms and data collection protocols that utilize data from body-worn inertial sensors and other wearable technologies to quantify human movement and physiology in non-laboratory environments. Through the measurement of human movement and health in the real world, our research enables new research discoveries and the development of personalized interventions to help improve human health and performance.

As new wearable technologies make it possible to easily collect vast amounts of human movement and physiological data in non-laboratory environments, it is important to consider how to fully utilize these data while minimizing the burden placed on research participants, patients, and athletes. We think carefully about how to use signals to objectively evaluate unstructured and unsupervised tasks and how assumptions used in the development of data processing algorithms might bias or negatively impact outcome metrics.

Our research is highly interdisciplinary and naturally enables (and often requires) collaborations with researchers, clinicians, and coaches from varied and diverse backgrounds and training. Therefore, we value lab members and collaborators that bring different perspectives, skill sets, and knowledge to our research projects.